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~~~~~~~~ LEGAL DISCLAIMER ~~~~~~~ WELCOME to the NEW HOME of Desertwind Vapors!!!. We are working hard to get this website launched very very soon. If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter please do so below. !!!! Understand that by subscribing to our newsletter that you are CONFIRMING THAT YOU ARE AT LEAST 18YRS OF AGE AND MUST BE OF LEGAL SMOKING AGE IN YOU HOME LOCATION. !!!! ** If you wish to order something online be prepared to submit all required documentation before the order is processed.** *** IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO US YOU HAVE ASSUMED ALL RESPONSIBILITY, KNOW THAT THIS IS A CONTRACT, IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE AND SUBSCRIBE BY FALSIFYING YOUR INFORMATION YOU CAN BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LEGAL DAMAGES *** Teen Tobacco use is at an all time high and we will do what must be done to combat this problem!!!

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